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10/22/20 - 20 years ago the average person did this 5 times a day. Now it’s only about twice per day. Answer: Talk on the phone

10/16/20 - 3 out of 4 men say they're always in charge of THIS in their relationship. Answer: The tv remote

10/15/20 - A new survey asked people to list the most boring household chore they could think of, what was the most common answer? Answer: Ironing

10/14/20 - 15% of adults do this twice a week. Answer: Take a nap

10/13/20 - Drinking coffee is the number one early-morning habit that helps us wake up, what comes in at #2? Answer: Brushing your teeth

10/12/20 - The average adult makes this purchase every 2.5 years. Answer: new car tires

10/9/20 - We're almost twice as likely to do this on Friday's. Answer: Eat Dessert

10/8/20 - 1 in 5 of us only have one of these-despite experts advising we have multiple. Answer: Passwords

10/7/20 - Less than 1/2 of all Americans had one of these in 2010, now 80% do. What is it? Answer: A social media account

10/6/20 - 1 in 4 millennials have never been to this place. Answer: The bank

10/5/20 - 2% of American adults have never used this old technology. Answer: A landline phone

10/2/20 - 55% of people say they do this regularly while grocery shopping. Answer: Give to charity at the register

10/1/20 - The average adult will buy 12 of these in a year and spend a total of $120 on them. Answer: Bottles of Wine

9/30/20 - A new survey found that 1 in 3 homes have one of these that doesn’t work. Answer: A smoke detector

9/29/20 - 2 out of 5 people have this habit before eating food. Answer: Salting it

9/28/20 - On average, about 13,000 hands touch one of these each month. What is it? Answer: Gas pump handle

9/25/20 - 1 in 3 people don’t know this fact about themselves. What is it? Answer: Their blood type

9/24/20 - This is the most popular "How-To" video on YouTube. Answer: How to boil an egg

9/23/20 - The average American does this activity for about 6 hours per week. Answer: Reading

9/22/20 - Women say that 1 in every 6 dreams involves this. What is it?Answer: Falling in Love

9/21/20 - You're more likely to have this problem on Monday than any other day of the week. What is it? ANSWER: Losing or misplacing your keys

9/18/20 - Men do this 4 times faster than women do. Answer: Fall in Love

9/17/20 - 5% of vehicles in the U.S. have this in common. What is it? Answer: Their check engine light is on

9/16/20 - A recent survey asked people top describe themselves in one word. 80% of them said this. Answer: Shy

9/15/20 - On average, men get a new one of these every two years. Answer: A new belt

9/14/20 - A dog's heart rate can increase by close to 50% when their owner says THIS to them. Answer: I Love You

9/11/20 - This smell makes us more relaxed and happier. Answer: Fresh cut grass

9/10/20 - When it comes to your health, 2 in 5 people lie about how often they do this. Answer: Floss

9/09/20 - 1 in 4 teen drivers admit to doing this while driving. Answer: Changing clothes

9/08/20 - A record number of adults are doing this. Answer: Living at home

9/04/20 - A new survey says about 1 in 20 men carry one of these. Answer: A money clip

9/03/20 - Reports of this are up 50% since the lockdown started. Answer: UFO Sightings

9/02/20 - 95% of adults have heard of this food, but only 1 in 5 of us have ever eaten it. Answer: Caviar

9/01/20 - This is the #1 thing people like about on their dating profile. Answer: Their height

8/31/20 - When expecting visitors to their house, 40% of people do this. Answer: Light candles

8/28/20 - Fridays are the most popular day of the week to use one of these Answer: The ATM

8/27/20 - Roughly 15% of adults say they've done this before going to the dentist. What is it? Answer: Have a drink

8/26/20 - On average we lose this 75 times per year. Answer: The TV Remote

8/25/20 - Having one of these in your home can help you fall asleep faster. Answer: A Fish Tank

8/24/20 - A fear of flying is the most common fear, what is the second most common? Answer: Public Speaking

8/21/20 - 1 in 5 people will leave the house with one of these today and never use it. Answer: A Gym Bag

8/20/20 - We do this 20% more on the weekends than we do on weekdays. Answer: Smile!

8/19/20 - 1 in 4 homeowners say you should spend at least $1000 on this item in your home. Answer: A Mattress

8/18/20 - 1 in 5 guys don't know how to use this household item. Answer: A dishwasher

8/17/20 - Over half of men under 30 don't own one of these. What is it? Answer: A Suit

8/13/20 - This is America's favorite side dish to have with Fried Chicken. What is it? Answer: Mashed Potatoes

8/11/20 - 4% of American's have sought professional help for this, 10 years ago it was 0%. Answer: Internet Addiction

8/10/20 - 10 billion of these are thrown away every year and are not even used. Answer:  Condiment packets

8/07/20 - 40% of people don't have one of these everyday items in their house. Answer: A mirror

8/06/20 - On Average, Americans eat over 11.5 lbs of this per year. Answer: Chocolate

8/05/20 - 40% of people admit they've lied to a friend to avoid this. Answer: Helping them move

8/04/20 - On average, Men spend 140 days doing this in their lifetime. Answer: Shaving

8/03/20 - 3 in 4 smartphone users say their phone has caused them to spend more time doing this. Answer: Using the restroom

7/30/20 - 20% of married couples are secretly spending money on this. Answer: Lottery tickets

7/29/20 - We spend 1/2 as much time doing this now than we did 10 years ago. Answer: Being on the phone

7/28/20 - The average household throws away $250 worth of this every year. Answer: Fruit

7/27/20 - 3 out of 4 full time workers have taken a day off of work for this. Answer: To catch up on sleep

7/24/20 - 1 in 4 men say this is the worst thing a woman can do on a first date. Answer: Take pictures of their food

7/23/20 - You could burn more than 80,000 calories per year doing this chore. Answer: Yard Work

7/22/20 - 1 in 4 women say this would prevent them from accepting a second date. Answer: A messy car

7/21/20 - 1 in 5 baby boomers have been doing this activity to fill their time during lock down. Answer: Playing Video Games

7/20/20 - 3 out of 4 people say cheaper is better when buying this summertime item. What is it? Answer: Sunglasses

7/17/20 - 33 million people said THIS would be their last meal. Answer: Pizza

7/16/20 - Half of us keep this outdated item in our car. Answer: A road map

7/15/20 - The average person will experience close to 400 of these in their lifetime. Answer: Paper cuts

7/13/20 - 7 out of 10 people believe THIS will remain permanently changed due to the lockdown. Answer: Grocery stores

7/10/20 - 1 in 4 married people say they would do this if they won the lottery. Answer: Get a divorce

7/9/20 - Kids who grew up in a house with one of these are generally better behaved. Answer: A Dog

7/8/20 - We throw away 20% of this item every time we buy it. Answer: Toothpaste

7/7/20 - 50% of people lie to their significant others about. Answer: Their snacking habits

7/6/20 - 1/2 of us would rather do this online than in person. Answer: Banking

7/3/20 - 3 out of 5 American own one of the but only use them twice a year. Answer: An American Flag

7/2/20 - A Third of people said they would take a pay cut if they could have this at work. Answer: Their pets

7/1/20 -  Doing this a few times a week can increase brain functions. Answer: Drinking alcohol

6/30/20 - 9 out of 10 couples say doing this once a week can improve communication. Answer: Cooking together

6/29/20 - Nearly 2 billion dollars is spent by U.S. consumers each year to fight this. Answer: Bad breath

6/26/20 - 1 in 4 couples don't do this together. Answer: Sleep in the same bed

6/25/20 - 1 in 5 office workers keep one of these in their desk at work.  Answer: A Tooth brush

6/24/20 - People are doing this less often during the pandemic Answer: Drinking

6/23/20 - You're more likely to quit smoking if you're good at this: Answer: Math

6/22/20 - Half of us do this every day, usually in the morning. Answer: Take a vitamin

6/19/20 - 6 out of 10 dads handle this family chore. Answer: Grocery Shopping

6/18/20 - 3 out of 4 people have felt guilt about doing this at work.  Answer: Taking a break

6/16/20 - 1 in 3 single people refuse to date someone who has one of these. Answer: A Cat

6/15/20 - Doing this for 10 minutes a day can change 9000 molecules in your body. Answer: Jogging

6/12/20 - 1 in 6 people who own one of these regret buying it. Answer: A House

6/11/20 - 2 out of 5 guys have accidentally done this on a first date. Answer: Said "I Love You"

6/10/20 - You are less likely to make mistakes at work if you have access to this. Answer: Music

6/09/20 - 2 of 5 people have done this at work when nobody is looking. Answer: Adjust the thermostat

6/08/20 - On average, you'll lose 3 of these in your house this year. Answer: Forks

6/04/20 - About 1 in 10 adults have never done this common outdoor activity. Answer: Ridden a bike

6/03/20 - 1 in 5 people do this in other peoples bathrooms. Answer: Change the direction of the toilet paper

6/02/20 - For people with siblings, this is the #1 thing most of them remember arguing about when they were younger. Answer: Riding shotgun

6/01/20 - 1 in 4 adults admit they can't do this, but it's something every 3rd grader learns. Answer: Name all the planets

5/29/20 - About 1 in 3 newlyweds say they miss this most about being single. Answer: Having their own bathroom

5/28/20 - 2 out of 5 guys don’t know this about their significant   Answer: Their favorite color

5/27/20 - If you didn't shake this bad habit by 4 years old you likely never will. Answer: Being a picky eater

5/26/20 - 1 in 6 people are currently driving a car with this problem. Answer: A crack in the windshield

5/22/20 - According to 8 out of 10 people working in this profession makes you more honest and trustworthy. Answer: Nursing

5/21/20 - 50% of people reported saying THIS would be the first place they go when the lockdown is over. Answer: Their favorite restaurant 

5/20/20 - Since the lockdown has started, sale of this food has gone up by 120%, what is it? Answer: Hot dogs

5/19/20 - 5 out of 6 people under the age of 18 have never used this before. Answer: Postage stamps

5/18/20- 40% of people have accidentally committed this crime Answer: shoplifting

5/15/20 - 5% of people will write this in to their will. Answer: They'll leave money to their pet

5/14/20 - 70% of people have done this since lockdown started. Answer: Reach out to an old friend

5/13/20 - About half of all office workers say this is the most inconsiderate thing a coworker can do.  Answer: Finish the coffee without making more

5/12/20 - Female employers are less likely to hire you for this reason than male employers are. Answer: Having visible tattoos

5/11/20 - Experts say if you don't want to get hacked don't use this common password. Answer: Your first name

5/8/20 - Half of moms just want this for mothers day Answer: To sleep in

5/7/20 - Just having one of these at home can help you feel healthier. Answer: A garden

5/6/20 - 10% of adults do this every morning. Answer: Weigh themselves

5/5/20 - We throw away over $60 million worth of this every year. Answer: Coins

5/4/20 - A fear of spiders is the most common fear in the world, what’s the second most common fear? Answer: A fear of snakes

5/1/20 - 2 out of 5 people say they don't know this information about where they work. Answer: The phone number

4/30/20 - 3 out of 4 people admit to only cleaning this once a year. Answer: Their oven

4/29/20 - 1 in 5 people used to be able do this but can't anymore? Answer: Pass a written driving test

4/28/20 - 3 in 10 college students have had their parents do this for them. Answer: Write their resume

4/27/20 - 1 in 4 people plan on using their stimulus check for this. Answer: A vacation

4/24/20 - 1 in 3 people have this, but 1 in 20 THINK they have it. Answer: Food Allergies

4/23/20 - 3 out of 4 employers say they have avoided hiring somebody because of this.  Answer: Their social media

4/22/20 - Half of people say you should wait until you are at least 25 years old to do this. Answer: Get a credit card

4/21/20 -  Most people get rid of this household item after 3 years Answer: Pillows

4/20/20 - 3 out of 5 adults say technology has made them worse at this. Answer: Remembering birthdays

4/17/20 - Only 2 out of 5 people can remember this fact about their first car. Answer: The license plate number

4/16/20 - Doing this in the morning can make you feel happier throughout the day. Answer: Getting dressed

4/15/20 Half of families have kept busy since the coronavirus has started by doing this together. Answer: Puzzles

4/14/20 - 3 of 4 workers say their company has never done this. Answer: Asked for their opinion on work changes

4/13/20 - 1 of 3 people say that when they were kids this was their dads biggest annoyance. Answer: Leaving the lights on

4/10/20 - This is the most popular delivery food being ordered right now. What is it? Answer: French Fries

4/9/20 - 3% of adults are still doing this thing from when they were younger. Answer: Living in their childhood home

4/8/20 - The average person does this over 20 times a day at home. Answer: Check the refrigerator

4/7/20 - Online daters who put this hobby on their profile get over 20% more messages than those who don't. Answer: Reading

4/6/20 - 7 of 10 women say they'd rather pay somebody to do this than have their husband do it. Answer: Auto work

4/3/20 - 1 in 10 people say they've broken up with their significant other because of this. Answer: Their social media

4/2/20 - 1 in 5 dog owners do this with their dog every dayAnswer: Spend lunch time with them

4/1/20 - Only 2% of adults say they've never used this piece of technology. Answer: A landline phone

3/31/20 - 1 in 10 people working from home do THIS while "working". Answer: online shopping

3/30/20 - Only 3% of people have eaten dinner in this non-traditional place. Answer: The bathtub

3/27/20 - 1 in 3 drivers have never done this before. Answer: Checked for a spare tire

3/26/20 - 1 in 4  people don't have one of these at home and that number has never been higher. Answer: Another person

3/25/20 - 1 in 10 guys have worn this without knowing it. Answer: Women's clothing

3/24/20 - Only 1 in 3 people remember this important life event. Answer: First kiss

3/19/20 - 1 in 4 people do this for their car. Answer: Give it a name

3/18/20 - About 1 in 10 adults don't have one of these. Answer: A credit card

3/17/20 - Doing this once a day can help you convince yourself to exercise. Answer: Going on Instagram 

3/13/20 - 1 in 5 people regularly follow this superstition. Answer: Knocking on wood

3/12/20 - About 1 in 3 couples argue about this once a month. Answer: The in-laws

3/11/20 - 1 in 3 people lie to their doctor about this. Answer: Their drinking habits

3/10/20 - 1/2 of all people would rather pay somebody to do this for them than do it themselves. Answer: Wash their car

3/09/20 - 3/4 of people say they've shared secrets with this person. Answer: Hair stylist

3/06/20 - 1/2 of us get jealous of our best friend because of this. Answer: Social media likes

3/05/20 - 1 in 4 people keep one of these with them at all times. Answer: A good luck charm

3/04/20 - 3 out of 4 people are more afraid of this than death. Answer: Having their identity stolen

3/03/20 - 6 in 10 workers are too afraid to do this at work. Answer: 

3/02/20 - 1 in 10 of these that have ever been created were created in the last year. Answer: Photos

2/28/20 - About 1 in 10 people with this in their home say it was there when they moved in. Answer: Artwork

2/27/20 - 1 in 5 people keep their savings here. Answer: A drawer

2/26/20 - 1 in 3 hiring managers admitted to not hiring someone for this reason. Answer: Hair color

2/25/20- Doing this regularly can make you happier and more productive. Answer: Napping

2/24/20 - Adult Americans have about 678 million of these total. Answer: Credit Cards

2/21/20 - You use 57 of these per day. Answer: Squares of toilet paper

2/20/20 - Over half of all adults have one of these they never use. Answer: A Gift Card

2/19/20 - 60% of people said technology has made them bad at this. Answer: Remembering birthdays

2/18/20 - According to a new survey this is the least stressful job in America. Answer: Hairdresser

2/17/20 - 75% of married couples don't do this. Answer: Sleep in separate beds

2/14/20 (VALENTINE'S DAY!) - 9 Million American's will celebrate Valentine's Day this way. Answer: Giving a gift to a pet

2/13/20 - 1 in 3 people will do this for Valentine's Day. Answer: Send a romantic text

2/12/20 - 3 in 5 Americans admit THIS saved their relationship. Answer: A romantic vacation

2/11/20 - This thing in your home is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. Answer: Bedroom Carpet

2/10/20 - Men are twice as likely as women to have this problem on vacation. Answer: Running out of underwear

2/07/20 - Almost 40% of online daters lie about this on their profile. Answer: Having a pet

2/06/20 - 60% of millennial's don't use this because they think it's unsanitary. Answer: Bar Soap

1/30/20 - Americans are doing  this activity instead of going to the movies. Answer: Going to the Library

1/29/20 - 15% of women have broken up with a guy for this reason. Answer: They didn't like his mom

1/28/20 - Over 90% of singles say this activity is a bad idea on a first date. Answer: Being on your phone

01/27/20 - 90% of women said kindness is the most desirable trait in a man. What is the SECOND most important trait? Answer: Being Supportive

01/24/20 - Women do this household chore 80% of the time. Answer: Make the bed

01/23/20 - This is the #1 party anxiety for over 30% of people. Answer: Somebody they dislike showing up

01/22/20 - This type of business saw a $3 billion dollar boom thanks to Instagram. Answer: Tattoo parlors

01/21/20 - 4% of dog owners do this every single day. Answer: Bring their dog to work with them

01/17/20 - Over 50% of women said this is the #1 thing they HATE to shop for. Answer: Cars

01/16/20 - This task takes the average person 1 minute and 45 seconds. Answer: Making a phone call

01/15/20 - Nearly 25% offathers consider THIS to be their "safe place". Answer: The Bathroom

01/14/20 - 40% of people lie about doing this to convince others they're busy. Answer: Working Out

01/13/20 - 1 in 5 schools have banned this item, which is legal in all 50 states. Answer: Peanuts

01/10/20 - On average Millienials are spending $300/month on this. Answer: Booze

01/09/20 - Americans throw away over 90% of these without even using them. Answer: Instructions

01/08/20 - 30% of people say they won't date somebody with this habit. Answer: Vegetarianism

01/07/20 - Over half of all Americans who sell their home take this with them when they move. Answer: Lightbulbs

01/06/20 - 1 in 10 couples that don't want children cite this reason. Answer: Climate change

01/02/20 - 1/2 of all people said they'd give this up to maintain their goal weight. Answer: Pizza

12/31/19 - Nearly 7 MILLION Americans are starting 2020 with this. Answer: A pay raise

12/30/19 - 45% of us will do this on New Years Eve. Answer: Kiss somebody at midnight.

12/27/19 - Over 60% of people who got this gift over the holidays will return it. Answer: Clothing

12/26/19 - 5% of us will do THIS today. Answer: Start Christmas shopping for next year.

12/25/19 - Merry Christmas!

12/24/19 (Christmas Eve) - 80% of us will tell this fib before the end of the year. Answer: That we liked a gift we hated

12/23/19 (Christmas Eve Eve) - On average men consider themselves better at this than women. Answer: Lying

12/20/19 - Nearly 40% of people are embarrassed by this. Answer: Their resume

12/19/19 - Nearly 50% of all parents have had their holidays ruined because of this. Answer: Social Media

12/18/19 - 13% of people don't know this fact about themselves. Answer: Their credit score

12/17/19 - Doing this with coworkers can reduce your stress levels. Answer: Light flirting

12/16/19 - 30% of Millennials have this job. Answer: Entrepreneur

12/13/19 - 70% of people want this gift for the holidays. Answer: Food

12/12/19 - The average person only does this three times per week. Answer: Eat breakfast

12/11/19 - The average person starts thinking about THIS three weeks before Christmas. Answer: Desserts

12/9/19 - On average women will buy 220 of these over the course of their life. Answer: Candles

12/6/19 - Only 8% of people did this in 2019. Answer: Kept their New Years Resolution

12/5/19 - The average man only does this once every three months. Answer: Change their sheets

12/4/19 - On average we spend $30,000 on this in our lifetime. Answer: Snacks

12/3/19 - About 60% of people would willingly do this to get the perfect gifts. Answer: Damage their credit score

12/2/19 - 30% of these will happen between now and New Years Eve, what are they? Answer: Engagements

11/27/19 - 10% of Americans don't want this at their Thanksgiving. Answer: Family

11/26/19 - 50 Million people will do this on Thanksgiving. Answer: Watch the Macy's parade

11/25/19 - Nearly 40% of people want this alternative to turkey this year. Answer: Roast Beef

11/22/19 - The 2019 Christmas season will have a shortage of this. Answer: Christmas Tree

11/21/19 - 39% of workers still do this while sick. Answer: Travel

11/20/19 - Frustrated workers do this 55 times per week, what is it? Answer: Swear/Cuss

11/19/19 - For most people, lying in bed is their favorite comfort when they're sick. What is their second? Answer: Eating soup

11/18/19 - 1/2 of all workers with we could get rid of this workplace tradition. Answer: Annual review/evaluation

11/15/19 - 10% of people have admitted to doing this while driving. Answer: Taking a selfie

11/14/19 - 20% of American couples regret doing this. Answer: Combining Finances

11/13/19 - This is the #1 place people leave their cellphones. Answer: Coffee Shops

11/12/19 - About 9 in 10 adults are losing sleep because of this. Answer:  Binge Watching

11/11/19 - Nearly 75% of people say doing this makes them worry more about their health. Answer: Self Diagnosing Online

11/8/19 - Over the course of your life you'll do this over 250,000 times. What is it? Answer: Yawn

11/7/19 - For 20% of people this is the preferred choice at home. Answer: Cleaning the car

11/6/19 - This office/workplace upgrade is requested by over 60% of employees. Answer: Better Coffee

11/5/19 - 2/3 of people say they do this on vacation but not at home. Answer: Eat dessert

11/4/19 - Doing THIS early in life makes you more likely to succeed in the future. Answer: Failing

11/1/19 - 1/3 of all Americans are less likely to trust a person with THIS feature. Answer: A beard

10/31/19 - 2 Million adults will dress as THIS for Halloween. Answer: A Vampire

10/30/19 - 50% of people eat this food daily. Answer: Potatoes

10/29/19 - When moving in to a new home 25% of people change this first. Answer: The toilet seat

10/28/19 - For 1 in 5 couples THIS is what their first fight was about. Answer: Laundry

10/25/19 - Over 80% of women won't date a guy who wears this. Answer: An earring

10/24/19 - Almost half of all people admit their feelings get hurt when nobody compliments them on their new... What? Answer: Glasses

10/23/19 - One in Eight people hide an extra stash of money in this location. Answer: A Shoe

10/22/19 - Only 20% of people are willing to buy this item used. Answer: A Hat

10/21/19 - 4% of Americans have had a friend do this for them instead of doing it for themselves. Answer: Break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend

10/18/19 - 45% of Americans plan on doing this SPOOKY activity this year. Answer: Pumpkin Carving

10/17/19 - 70% of Americans argue with their significant other about this. Answer: Chores

10/16/19 - People were asked to describe themselves in one word and 80% said this. Answer: Shy

10/15/19 - Almost 10% of people will hand this out to trick-or-treaters. Answer: Something homemade

10/14/19 - If you asked a stranger right now, only 1 in 20 of them would have this on them. Answer: A $100 bill

10/11/19- Owning this can cut your risk of death by 65%. Answer: A dog

10/10/19 - The average driver will do this NINE times over the course of their life. What is it? Answer: Lock their keys in their car

10/8/19 - Only 6% of people can say they've never owned one of these. Answer: A Pet

10/7/19 - Roughly 1/4 of this utility bill is just made-up, bogus fees. Answer: Cable TV Bill

10/3/19 - 50% of Americans have a favorite one of these (Hint: It's something most people use daily) Answer: Pen

10/2/19 - Only 40% of Americans have one of these. Answer: A Passport

10/1/19 - The average person will eat 3135 of these in their lifetime. Answer: Bananas

9/30/19 - 25% of couples enter into marriage without knowing this about their spouse. Answer: Their salary

9/27/19 - 15% of mothers say they'd be OK with their teenager doing this. Answer: Getting a tattoo

9/26/19 - 12% of women say they have ended a date prematurely because of this. Answer: The other person swearing

9/25/19 - 25% of people say it's rude for house guests to ask for this. Answer: Wi-Fi

9/24/19 - 3 in 10 managers say this will disqualify a candidate during an interview. Answer: Bad Breath

9/23/19 - For Most people THIS is the top priority for a long-term relationship. Answer: Kindness

9/20/19 - 1/3 of Americans will go into debt for this. Their pets

9/19/19 - Nearly half of women don't know this fact about themselves. Answer: Their shoe size

9/18/19 - 70% of people in this profession/career live in the USA. Answer: Lawyers

9/17/19- 1 in 3 homes have two of these. Answer: Vacuum cleaners

9/16/19 - 40% of people would never wear this to a restaurant. Answer: Flip-Flops

9/13/19 - 1 in 8 people claim this is more stressful than going to jail. Answer: Moving

9/12/19 - 20% of drivers have no idea if their car has this. Answer: A spare tire

9/11/19 - 14% of people would turn down a job if they couldn't do this at work. Answer: Go on social media

9/10/19 - Single women are more likely to own one of these than men. Answer: A house

9/09/19 - Only 1/2 of employees talk about this with their coworkers. Answer: Salary

9/06/19 - People who did this when they were younger earn a higher salary. Answer: Played an instrument

9/05/19 - 70% of men would rather do chores than go here. Answer: The doctors office

9/04/19 - Nearly 1 in 4 prospective car buyers have done this on a test drive. Answer: Bring their pet with them

9/03/19 - The typical American man pays about $29/month for this? Answer: Haircuts

8/30/19 - When looking for a partner 30% of single people say this is the most desirable hobby. Answer: Cooking or Baking

8/29/19 - 80% of people wish they had more time for this activity. Answer: Reading

8/28/19 - The average worker will have about 45,000 of these during their career. Answer: Cups of Coffee

8/27/19 - According to employess THIS is the most important, non-tangible, workplace wellness perk. Answer: Good air quality

8/26/19 - Doing this wastes more food than throwing it away. Answer: Overeating

8/23/19 - More men believe in this than women do. Answer: Love at first sight

8/22/19 - Having this in your workplace can boost productivity by up to 15% Answer: A Plant

8/21/19 - Since 2017 more men have been treating themselves to THIS activity than women. Answer: Manicures/Pedicures

8/20/19 - 1/2 of people polled said not having THIS would ruin their vacation. Answer: WiFi

8/19/19 - Nearly 50% of people aren't doing this daily but should be. Answer: Changing their underwear

8/16/19 - Millenials spent $453 MILLION on this in 2019. Answer: Avocados

8/15/19 - 65% of people would rather THIS happen at work than receive a pay raise. Answer: Their boss get fired

8/14/19 - 15% of people avoid doing this with another person whenever possible. Answer: Shaking Hands

8/13/19 - Two-thirds of people do this incorrectly on purpose. Answer: Chores

8/12/19 - 30% of employees admitted to regularly doing this while at work. Answer: Searching for a new job.

8/09/19 - Drinking Coffee at night is less likely to keep you awake than this. Answer: Alcohol

8/08/19 - Nearly 50% of people say they have to rid themselves of this after a breakup. Answer: Music they shared with their ex.

8/07/19 - There has been a 159% increase in this type of work over the last 10 years. Answer: Telecommuting (working from hom)

8/06/19 - 25% of people lie about this to their new love interests. Answer: Debt

8/05/19 - Nearly 1/3 of millenials go in to debt for this thing. Answer: Music Festivals

8/02/19 - People who eat this food are likely to be happier in life. Answer: Dark Chocolate

8/01/19 - Kids are anti-THIS until puberty. Answer: Beards

7/31/19 - 30% of young adults say it's too expensive to do this common thing. Answer: Date somebody.

7/30/19 - 43% of parents feel pressured to overspend on this. Answer: Back-to-school supplies

7/29/19 - 92% of teenagers are honest about this. Answer: Their name on social media

7/26/19 - Women are twice as likely as men to do this in a retail store. Answer: Look for a better price online

7/25/19 - This thing that humans throw away is actually worse for the environment than plastic straws. Answer: Cigarette butts

7/24/19 - Generation Z-ers (1996-2010) believe that paying for this is one of the first signs of being an adult. Answer: Streaming Services

7/23/19 - Eating this for breakfast could increase your mental health. Answer: Ice Cream

7/22/19 - 25% of American men avoid the gym for this reason. Answer: Having Excessive Body Hair.

7/19/19 - 20% of the adult population say they're trying to incorporate this in to their diet. Answer: Plant-Based foods.

7/18/19 - 90% of kids tested would rather be this profession than be astronauts. Answer: Youtuber

7/17/19 - 1/3 of all drivers admit to doing this while driving. Answer: Picking their nose

7/16/19 - Studies show college students who do this had a significant reduction in stress and an increase in positive feelings. Answer: Pet dogs & cats

7/15/19 - Only 32% think it's possible to experience THIS sensation. Answer: Total Privacy

6/28/19- Men are 50% more likely than women to be killed while doing this activity in public. Answer: Taking A Selfie

6/27/19- 95% of Americans HATE doing this activity. Answer: Waking Up Early

6/26/19 - 60% of parents think THIS is more stressful than losing a child in a crowd. Answer: Having a messy home!?

6/25/19 - 47% of hosts are likely to panic or get nervous during their events for this reason. Answer: Not knowing what to feed vegans

6/24/19 - 30% of Women reported going on a date with men for this reason. Answer: Free Food

6/21/19 - 20% of Americans rarely wear this, but should. Answer: suncreen

6/18/19 - 60% of Americans say they will never throw these away. Answer: greeting cards!

6/17/19 - In a recent survey of employed Americans, 42% said this is their favorite thing about going to work. Answer: Gossip/drama

6/14/19 - Roughly 7% of all American fathers work here. Answer: At home

6/13/19 - 25% of people say they are looking forward to vacation so they can do this. Answer: Catch up on their reading

6/12/19 - 10% of adults who were afraid of this as a kid are still afraid of this to this day. Answer: Balloons!

6/11/19 - Roughly 10% of people say this is the first thing they do when they get home from work. Answer: Wash their hands

6/10/19 - 30% of Americans say this is the worst thing about getting their annual check-up at the doctor. Answer: Getting on the scale

6/7/19 - 35% of grown men who engage in this hobby say they hide it from their mothers. Answer: motorcycles

6/6/19 - When it comes to how their employees dress, bosses say this is one of their biggest pet peeves. Answer: Wrinkled clothes

6/5/19 - Following a break-up, 60% of people have gone right out and purchased this. Answer: New bed sheets

6/4/19 - 22% of people say this is the last thing they do before going to bed. Answer: Make sure their doors are locked

6/3/19 - 20% of parents say they often seek advice from their kids on this topic. Answer: Fashion

5/31/19 - 70% of workers say they are the happiest at work when this happens. Answer: The boss goes on vacation

5/30/19 - 15% of millennials say they've never used or read one of these. Answer: a map

5/29/19 - Roughly 70% of Americans say they would break up with their significant other if they were asked to give up this. Answer: Pet

5/28/19 - According to a new poll, 3% of American adults have never done this. Answer: Move

5/24/19 - An estimated 1.5 million Americans will sit down and enjoy this on Memorial Day afternoon. Answer: National Memorial Day Parade on ABC

5/23/19 - Hugely popular in the 1970s, sales of these peaked in 1987 with 22% of American homes having at least one. Answer: Waterbeds

5/22/19 - 30% of Americans say they try a new one of these about twice a month. Answer: recipes

5/21/19 - 90% of Americans live within 15 miles of one of these. Answer: Walmart

5/20/19 - 20% of people admit they don't actively wash this part of their body while taking a shower. Answer: Legs

5/17/19 - A new survey shows that around 60% of people claim they know how to do this, but in reality have never done it themselves. Answer: Change a tire

5/15/19 - About 1600 airline passengers will have this experience this year. Answer: Arrested for bad in-flight behavior

5/14/19 - According to a new study, the average adult has not done this in 5 years. Answer: Make a new friend

5/13/19 - 20% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms say this is why they do it. Answer: One of them wakes up too early

5/10/19 - This will happen about 122 million times in America this weekend. Answer: calls to Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

5/7/19 - According to a new study, 27% of people do this in their sleep. Answer: Laugh

5/6/19 - According to a new study, you're more likely to cry here than anywhere else. Answer: Airport

5/3/19 - 25% of American teens have never seen one of these once very common items in person. Answer: Typewriter

5/2/19 - Men who have one of these earn 23% more money than those who do not. Answer: A wife

5/1/19 - 10% of people admit to calling out sick in order to do this. Answer: Binge TV shows and movies

4/30/19 - 45% of people are driving around with one of these in their car, even though it no longer works. Answer: Air freshener

4/29/19 - 10% of people always do this when dining out at restaurants. Answer: Bring their own condiments

4/26/19 - 25% of Americans say they do this right after buying a car. Answer: Give it a name

4/25/19 - 20% of administrative professionals say they've had to perform this unusual task for their boss. Answer: Take care of their pets

4/24/19 - 70% of people said they would visit this fictional place if it were real. Answer: Jurassic Park

4/23/19 - This is the most popular tattoo for women over the age of 40. Answer: a rose

4/22/19 - According to a recent survey, 25% of Americans feel its rude to ask for this when visiting someone's home. Answer: wifi password

4/19/19 - A new survey reveals that 40% of Americans say this is their favorite Easter basket item. Answer: chocolate bunny. Happy Easter!

4/18/19 - The average one of these being used in America is 11 years 8 months old. Answer: automobile

4/17/19 - In the entire history of the human race, only 571 people have been here. Answer: Space

4/16/19 - Online dates who mention this as a hobby on their profile get 21% more messages than those who don't. Answer: reading

4/15/19 - Women are three times more likely than men to do this at a movie theater. Answer: take their shoes off

4/11/19 - 15% of people have had to quit their jobs because of this. Answer: Failed workplace romance

4/10/19 - According to Consumer Reports, this is the least used kitchen appliance in America. Answer: automatic bread maker

4/9/19 - When it comes to new relationships, 20% of people say they make their partners wait 3 months before doing this. Answer: Drive their car

4/5/19 - 20% of women say they've left this place in tears. Answer: Salon

4/4/19 - 1 in 5 women have used one of these this year while only 1 in 20 men can say the same. Answer: Tanning bed

4/3/19 - A new study suggests that just by looking at this, your brain waves become more active and you feel more energized. Answer: cup of coffee

4/2/19 - According to a new study, 15% of people say they have not changed this daily routine in at least two years. Answer: Eating the same lunch

4/1/19 - 2 out of 3 women say this is the number one worst fashion look from their past. Answer: Shoulder pads

3/29/19 - Studies show that doing this in the middle of the day can boost your energy as much as 30%. Answer: Brushing your teeth

3/28/19 - Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump are the only presidents in the past 100 years who have not done this. Answer: Thrown out the first pitch on opening day.

3/27/19 - 40% of pet owners say they do this for their pets on a daily basis. Answer: Leave the TV/radio on

3/26/19 - 80% of Americans will tell you they are great at this, but studies show that's really not true. Answer: spelling

3/25/19 - Once considered outdated and almost extinct, 18 million of these were sold last year. Answer: Vinyl records

3/22/19 - Only about 20% of American teenagers still own and use one of these. Answer: wristwatch

3/21/19 - 60% of people who do this job are women, though it was originally a male dominated occupation. Answer: bartending

3/20/19 - 40% of Americans go to their hairstylist in anticipation of this event. Answer: Getting a new driver license picture

3/19/19 - Roughly 10% of people with artwork on their walls say this is how they obtained it. Answer: It was there when they moved in!

3/18/19 - 25% of people do this after making a big purchase. Answer: Post a picture on social media

3/15/19 - Shipments of this increase by 70% in the week leading up to St. Patrick's Day. Answer: Cabbage

3/14/19 - According to a new study, 1 in 4 Americans say they prefer doing this alone. Answer: Vacation/traveling

3/13/19 - 40% of people say they feel more attractive when they wear this. Answer: sunglasses

3/11/19 - The average American has five of these on them everyday. Answer: keys

3/8/19 - Roughly half of Americans start planning this in the month of March. Answer: Summer vacation

3/7/19 - For 77% of Americans, this is the first thing they do upon experiencing a new illness. Answer: Google the symptoms

3/6/19 - 15% of women say they've ended a date prematurely because the guy did too much of this. Answer: Used too much profanity

3/4/19 - According to a new study, this is the filthiest thing in your living room. Answer: TV remote

3/1/19 - 30% of employed adults admit to snooping here at their workplace. Answer: trash cans

2/28/19 - 27% of Americans say they've never stepped foot in this place, though they're close to it every single day. Answer: Their neighbor's house

2/27/19 - A recent study showed that work places with this have a 25% uptick in productivity. Answer: Music

2/26/19 - 35% of American adults say they tip on this service. Answer: Babysitting

2/21/19 - 15% of cars on the road today are either missing this or have the wrong one. Answer: gas cap

2/20/19 - Around half of us keep one of these in our homes or offices, even though most would agree they are obsolete. Answer: phone book

2/19/19 - 45% of people flirt in grocery stores. This is the #1 location in the store to meet someone. Answer: Beer/wine aisle

2/18/19 - According to a new study, 88% of people do this before a first date. Answer: Check out their social media accounts

2/15/19 - 53% of Americans say they've chosen a hotel based solely on this. Answer: Continental breakfast

2/14/19 - 15% of women will do this today. Answer: Send themselves flowers. Happy Valentine's Day!

2/13/19 - The average American adult will experience this for the first time around age 49. Answer: Becoming a Grandparent

2/12/19 - In a new survey, 40% of men said this is what they'd like for Valentine's Day. Answer: nothing!

2/11/19 - 50% of women refuse to get rid of this, even though they no longer have a use for it. Answer: wedding dress

2/8/19 - 60% of women and 40% of men say they always do this in a public restroom. Answer: Flush the toilet with their feet

2/7/19 - According to a new survey, 70% of people said they wish they knew more about this so they could truly enjoy it. Answer: wine

2/6/19 - When workers were asked to name the perk that would make them come to - or stay with - a company, 40% said this. Answer: Half-day Fridays

2/5/19 - The average parent does this four times a week while the average single person does it once a week. Answer: laundry

2/4/19 - 18% of people have at least one of these on their body. Answer: Birthmark

2/1/19 - 20% of married Americans are hiding this from their spouse. Answer: Second bank account

1/31/19 - As of 2019, roughly 60% of Americans have gotten rid of this! Answer: Cable

1/30/19 - In a recent survey, 20% of people said this is the most inappropriate place to hit on someone. Answer: Parent-Teacher conference

1/29/19 - People with these tend to have more romantic partners than those who do not. Answer: tattoos

1/25/19 - According to a new study, people in this profession are statistically more likely to get a speeding ticket. Answer: doctors

1/24/19 - During a normal 40-hour work week, the average American worker will spend about 20 min doing this. Answer: Making coffee

1/23/19 - Retail and grocery stores lose over 800 million dollars every year due to these being stolen. Answer: Shopping carts!

1/22/19 - Chances are if you or your spouse do this, your child will do it by the age of 1. Answer: Snore

1/18/19 - According to a new study, spending just 5 minutes a day doing this can greatly improve your mood. Answer: Spending time in nature

1/17/19 - According to a new study, 10% of newlywed men will have this happen within the first 3 months of marriage. Answer: Lose their wedding ring!

1/16/19 - According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this is the most dangerous food to consume while driving. Answer: Soup

1/15/19 - In today's modern world, more of these are created every two minutes than in the entirety of the 1800s. Answer: Photographs

1/14/19 - 30% of men say they've borrowed this from a significant other. Answer: razor

1/11/19 - When on a trip, men are twice as likely as women to experience this issue. Answer: Run out of underwear

1/10/19 - Roughly 50% of Americans who sell their homes take these with them. Answer: Light bulbs

1/9/19 - According to a recent survey, 75% of newlyweds said they regretted not having this on their gift registry. Answer: Cookware

1/8/19 - 20% of American men say they are jealous of their best friend's what? Answer: Hair

1/4/19 - Only about 10% of Americans do this on a regular basis, while their grandparents did it quite regularly. Answer: Take a bath 

1/3/19 - According to a new survey, Americans are most likely to do this between January 29 and February 2. Answer: Break their New Year's resolution

1/2/19 - Thanks to smartphones and apps, the average American spends 80% less time here than they did a decade ago. Answer: Banks

12/31/18 - Roughly 14,000 Americans will ring in the new year by doing this. Answer: Getting married. Happy New Year!

12/20/18 - 70% of families will go out and do this on Christmas Day. Answer: Go to the movies!

12/19/18 - When it comes to online Christmas shopping, this is the item people are most likely to buy in the wrong size. Answer: Gloves

12/18/18 - According to a recent poll, this is the #1 most outdated Christmas tradition. Answer: Door-to-door Christmas caroling

12/14/18 - 70% of the yearly sales of this item happens in December. Answer: Wrapping paper

12/13/18 - According to a new study, the average adult consumes twice their normal amount of this over the holidays. Answer: alcohol

12/12/18 - This holiday item was originally intended to keep kids quiet in church. Answer: Candy cane

12/11/18 - This occurs more in the two weeks before Christmas than any other time of year. Answer: Couples breaking up

12/7/18 - The day you purchase one of these, it is already (on average) 7 years old. Answer: Real Christmas tree

12/6/18 - According to a new study, the average temperature of this is 105 degrees. Answer: Your shower

12/5/18 - Around 10% of Americans will pay extra for this service this holiday season. Answer: Gift wrapping

12/4/18 - 90% of kids will eat this at some point in the next few months, but only 10% of adults will. Answer: Snow!

12/3/18 - 40% of Americans don't have this very common household item in their homes. Answer: Mirrors!

11/30/18 - In a new study, 29% of Americans said they would give up this if it meant never feeling sick again. Answer: caffeine

11/29/18 - A new survey found that 10% of people admit to doing this immediately following a workout. Answer: Smoke a cigarette

11/28/18 - 20% of people say the reason they don't do this is they are afraid of what they could find. Answer: Clean out the fridge

11/27/18 - 15% of people are still trying to do this from last holiday season. Answer: Pay off Christmas gifts

11/19/18 - Around 45% of Thanksgiving dinners will have one of these (not food/drink). Answer: Kids table

11/16/18 - Around 10% of tailgaters say this is the least important aspect of the tailgating experience. Answer: The actual game

11/15/18 - The average American will do this activity about 20 times everyday at home. Answer: Open the fridge door

11/14/18 - According to a recent poll, this is the kitchen appliance that people are the most afraid of. Answer: Garbage disposal

11/13/18 - When it comes to their vehicles, 30% of drivers have never done this simple task. Answer: Put air in their tires

11/12/18 - When asked about their significant others' most irritating habits, 35% of people said this. Answer: Loud chewing

11/9/18 - Roughly 30% of cats and dogs exhibit this human-like behavior. Answer: Snoring

11/8/18 - 40% of people do this in the middle of the night, every night, at least three times. Answer: Flip their pillow over to the cool side.

11/7/18 - According to a new study, a large percentage of people who still communicate with their exes said this is the #1 reason. Answer: Mutual friends

11/6/18 - 1/3 of Americans say they are less likely to vote for a candidate if they have this physical feature. Answer: Beard

11/5/18 - Nearly 20% of Americans say they practice this superstition every day. Answer: Knock on wood

10/31/18 - 40% of dog owners believe their dogs have the ability to do this. Answer: See ghosts!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

10/30/18 - 20% of people admit they've stolen this from a restaurant. Answer: Toilet paper

10/29/18 - According to a new scientific study, being in a good mood when you go do this will make it more effective. Answer: Getting a flu shot

10/26/18 - 40% of people say a tailgate party without this is no good! Answer: Bags/cornhole

10/25/18 - When moving into a new home, 25% of people immediately replace this. Answer: Toilet seat

10/24/18 - According to the National Retail Federation, this is the #1 costume for pets. Answer: Pumpkin

10/22/18 - 30% of Americans say this is the reason they don't go to the gym. Answer: They don't know how to operate the machines.

10/19/18 - The average driver will do this 15,000 times during their life. Answer: Honk their horn

10/18/18 - If you had one of these in 1978, it would be the equivalent of $38 today. Answer: $10 bill!

10/17/19 - Nearly half of women say they would rather talk to a guy with bad breath than a guy with this. Answer: Crazy nose hair

10/16/18 - Nearly 10% of people who work in this profession are seriously injured each year. Answer: Clowns

10/15/18 - When it comes to work, 80% of adults say they are regularly bored with this. Answer: Lunch choice

10/12/18 - Its estimated that men can burn around 800 calories just by doing this. Answer: Watching football

10/11/18 - 1/3 of Americans admit to committing this crime at fast food restaurants at some point in their lives. Answer: Using a water cup to get soda!

10/10/18 - Studies show that if you have this, you'll likely get 25 minutes less sleep per night. Answer: High-speed internet

10/9/18 - Between 2011 and 2017, 259 people have died doing this. Answer: Taking extreme selfies (mountain tops, tall buildings, etc)

10/8/18 - 10% of workers say this is the #1 reason they would switch jobs. Answer: Shorter commute

10/5/18 - 1/3 of newlyweds say this is the thing they miss the most about being single. Answer: Their own bathroom

10/4/18 - There's a total of 10 countries on Earth that have their own version of this classic TV show. Answer: The Office

10/3/18 - Roughly 85% of the world's population of this product is made in Illinois. Answer: Canned pumpkin

10/2/18 - When it comes to online dating, this is the #1 most attractive profession for men to have in their profiles. Answer: Pilot

10/1/18 - All American adults have this and it weighs about 2.5 lbs. Answer: Skull!

9/28/18 - 80% of women say this is a fashion no-no for men over the age of 35. Answer: Flat-bill caps

9/27/18 - Senior citizens and millennials are the least likely Americans to do this. Answer: Smoking 

9/26/18 - 1 in 5 people say they aren't totally sure if their car has this. Answer: Spare tire

9/24/18 - On a typical Monday, a quarter of employed Americans will spend about 45 minutes doing this. Answer: Searching for a new job

9/21/18 - In a recent survey, people were asked to name the foods that should be avoided on a first date. The #1 answer was garlic. What was #2? Answer: Beans

9/20/18 - Chances are you'll do this hundreds of times this year, and the total bill will come to less than a dollar. Answer: Charge your phone

9/19/18 - The average woman will do this 3 times in her life. Answer: Be a Bridesmaid

9/13/18 - Men are 4 times more likely to do this at a party than women. Answer: Leave without saying goodbye

9/12/18 - At some point in their lives, 40% of Americans will have worn these. Answer: Handcuffs

9/11/18 - When it comes to football parties, 55% of people admit to doing this. Answer: Double dipping their chips!

9/10/18 - Only 60% of people who have earned this very expensive thing actually use it. Answer: Law degree

9/7/18 - 40% of online daters will include this in their profiles in hopes of attracting a perfect match. Answer: Their favorite TV shows

9/6/18 - When it comes to most Americans, only 32% of us remember the name of this person. Answer: Who gave us our first kiss

9/5/18 - According to a new poll, 1 in 50 people have found the love of their life here. Answer: Airplane

9/4/18 - 20% of drivers use this every day. Answer: Back-up cameras

8/31/18 - Every Labor Day weekend, you can find nearly 150 of these happening throughout America. Answer: Organized foot races

8/30/18 - According to a new study, 1/3 of teenagers have not done this in over a year. Answer: Read a book!

8/29/18 - More dog owners name their pet after this food than any other food. Answer: Oreo

8/28/18 - Regardless of social trends, nearly 80% of American parents say they wouldn't even consider letting their teenager do this. Answer: Get a tattoo

8/27/18 - 25% of Americans with genius level IQ's are born with this trait. Answer: Left handed.

8/24/18 - Thanks to a new study, it is believed you can predict this about someone based on their taste in music. Answer: Their income

8/23/18 - On average, 77% of people who try this fail to stick with it. Answer: Becoming a vegetarian

8/22/18 - 95% of us own one of these, but most never clean it. Answer: Vacuum cleaner

8/21/18 - 30% of kids will argue with their parents at least once every week about this. Answer: School lunch

8/17/18 - 20% of dinner tables around the world tonight will include this food. Answer: Rice

8/16/18 - 15% of people say they'd turn down a job offer if they weren't allowed to do this at work. Answer: Use their smartphone

8/15/18 - According to a recent study, when arguing with your spouse or partner, this is the #1 thing you SHOULD NOT say if you're trying to diffuse the situation. Answer: "Calm down."

8/14/18 - 30% of kids going back to school this year will be carrying this in their backpacks. Answer: Hand sanitizer

8/13/18 - Even though it seems like a good idea, only 8% of people pay for this type of insurance. Answer: Smartphone insurance

8/10/18 - 25% of office workers say they do this at their desk, and women are twice as likely to do it as men. Answer: Take off their shoes

8/9/18 - 20% of kids know this about a parent and the parent has no idea they know. Answer: Online passwords

8/8/18 - Surprisingly, 25% of newlyweds say they didn't know this about their spouse when they married them. Answer: Their salary

8/6/18 - In the 1800s, this activity was exclusively for men. Now, its coed (though still commonly associated with women.) Answer: Cheerleading

8/3/18 - Many of us will do this for a friend or relative this year, and it will cost us an average of $880. Answer: Weddings

8/2/18 - 20% of us do this at work at least twice a week, and no one ever finds out about it. Answer: Late to work

8/1/18 - Roughly 5% of Americans over the age of 85 have one of these. Answer: A job

7/31/18 - 10% of people who were grossed out by this as kids say they are still grossed out by it as adults. Answer: Seeing their parents kiss

7/30/18 - According to new research, the majority of us stop actively doing this around age 30. Answer: Seeking out new music

7/27/18 - This part of our body has evolved over time for the purpose of giving off emotional cues. Answer: Eyebrows

7/26/18 - Currently in the United States there are only 6 of these in existence. Answer: Living Presidents 

7/25/18 - Until 1875, this food was only available in beverage form. Now its consumed in thousands of different ways. Answer: Chocolate

7/23/18 - 70% of kids wouldn't recognize this item that was common in classrooms 15 years ago. Answer: Overhead projectors

7/19/18 - The average person does this 22 times on their commute to work. Answer: Talk to themselves out loud

7/18/18 - This activity is the most common How-To video on YouTube. Answer: Boiling eggs

7/17/18 - Just about every homeowner has one of these, but 1 in 5 are totally useless, they don't work! Answer: Doorbell

7/16/18 - 55% of American kids living in major cities have never done this classic summertime activity. Answer: toast marshmallows

7/13/18 - This famous American landmark was first unveiled on a Friday the 13th in the 1920's. Answer: Hollywood sign

7/12/18 - In 1989, this business was growing so fast they were opening new locations every 17 hours. Now, less than 10 are still open. Answer: Blockbuster Video

7/11/18 - 40% of people say they feel anxiety at work when it comes time to do this. Answer: Request vacation time

7/10/18 - 22% of people say they've made a big life decision based on this. Answer: Coin toss

7/9/18 - 1 in 5 women say too much of this on a man is unattractive. Answer: Muscle

7/6/18 - To make a positive, romantic impression, researchers suggest you do this on a dinner date. Answer: Order dessert

7/5/18 - 1 out of every 20 kids will be spending at least part of their summer here. Answer: Summer school

7/3/18 - 150 million of these are sold every year in America, with the bulk of those occurring between May and July. Answer: American flags

7/2/18 - Studies show that 60% of people cannot have a 10-minute conversation without doing this. Answer: Telling a lie

6/29/18 - 40% of women say this is the most stressful thing about going on vacation. Answer: Buying a swimsuit

6/28/18 - 75% of adults admit to having a favorite one of these and they use it everyday. Answer: coffee cup

6/27/18 - 20% of grandparents admit this is the only thing they dislike about their grandkids. Answer: Their name

6/26/18 - 55% of people say they won't date someone who owns this pet. Answer: Tarantula

6/25/18 - Only 1 in 10 women trust their husbands with this task. Answer: Laundry

6/22/18 - Only about 6% of women do this for a living. Answer: Truck driver

6/21/18 - As an adult, this is one of the hardest things to do, but in both elementary school and college, its one of the easiest. Answer: Make new friends

6/20/18 - Most people have around 150 of these at home, but only use about 15 of them. Answer: TV channels

6/19/18 - 87% of married women in America did this, but only 3% of married men did. Answer: Take their partner's last name.

6/18/18 - 80% of us consider the time we spend doing this as our "me time." Answer: Commuting to work

6/15/18 - About 10% of the gifts Dads will receive this year will be purchased by who? Answer: Dads themselves!

6/14/18 - 1 in 5 people say they actually miss these when they go on vacation. Answer: Co-workers

6/13/18 - 25% of single people say a person without this is a turn-on. Answer: Facebook!

6/12/18 - 80% of people around the world can do this - but only 1 in 5 Americans can. Answer: Speak a second language

6/11/18 - More than 3000 Americans go to the emergency room each year for this (and probably not during the summer time as much.) Answer: Tanning bed accidents

6/8/18 - The average American will go through 11 of these over the course of their lifetime (a little bit at a time). Answer: Cows

6/7/18 - People who make more than $100,000 a year are twice as likely to use these than those who earn less. Answer: Coupons

6/6/18 - One in five men struggle to do this? Answer: Grow chest hair

6/5/18 - American homeowners, on average, keep these for about 15 years before replacing them. Answer: Refrigerators

6/4/18 - The average American admits they have about 11 of these they'd rather not have. Answer: Extra pounds

6/1/18 - 75% of people admit to doing this everyday, though it can be embarrassing if caught. Answer: Singing in the car

5/31/18 - 30% of people tell a new girlfriend or boyfriend this within a month of dating. Answer: How much money they make

5/30/18 - 10% of new parents say they've fallen asleep here. Answer: the shower

5/29/18 - On average, we eat 35% more calories when we're at this place than we would on a normal day. Answer: Movie theatres!

5/25/18 - An estimated 135,000 people will spend some of their Memorial Day weekend visiting this place. Answer: Arlington National Cemetery

5/24/18 - The average American woman owns four of these, but only uses two. Answer: bottles of perfume

5/23/18 - Its estimated that the extra weight of this costs airlines one million dollars per year. Answer: Phones

5/22/18 - 15% of people say when you buy this for the first time, you can consider yourself an adult. Answer: Insurance

5/21/18 - When it comes to texting etiquette, 1 in 3 people consider this rude. Answer: texting back "k"

5/18/18 - This year, teenage girls will spend about $580 on this, while teenage boys will spend about $300. Answer: Prom

5/17/18 - Doing this for just 30 min a day, 5 days a week can boost a man's libido. Answer: Landscaping

5/16/18 - When it comes to their own personal financial matters, 40% of Americans don't know this. Answer: Credit card interest rates

5/15/18 - 1 out of every 12 cars on the road right now has this problem. Answer: Check engine light

5/14/18 - Spending time in one of these everyday reduces anxiety, depression, and improves balance. Answer: a rocking chair!

5/11/18 - 1 in 4 Moms say they want this for Mother's Day. Answer: To sleep in!

5/9/18 - 30% of people wear these at least three times before washing. Answer: Gym clothes!

5/3/18 - 15% of Americans say this is their excuse for not working out. Answer: the weather!

4/30/18 - 15% of people in a relationship say they've considered leaving their partner because of this. Answer: They snore!

4/27/18 - 35% of people say they speed because of this. Answer: They have to go to the bathroom!

4/26/18 - 40% of women say this scent is an incredible turn-on. Answer: Vanilla!

4/25/18 - 20% of Americans say they've done this to get back at bad co-workers. Answer: Hid their personal belongings!

4/24/18 - When it comes to first dates, 25% of men say they feel the most self-conscious about this. Answer: Their car!

4/23/18 - 70% of men will get their first one by age 26. Answer: Gray hair!

4/20/18 - 4.5 million American families have one of these - and put about $1000 in it every year. Answer: swimming pools!

4/18/18 - 90% of Americans say that by doing this simple thing, they are more motivated to go to the gym. Answer: Bring your workout clothes to work!

4/17/18 - When it comes to filing taxes, 16% of Americans say they fear this the most. Answer: Getting audited!

4/13/18 - On Average, its is 15% cheaper to do this on a Friday the 13th than any other day of the year. Answer: Fly!

4/12/18 - 3 million people still receive this via the USPS. Answer: Netflix DVD's!

4/11/18 - 30% of women say they've been more attracted to someone because of this? Answer: They have a cute pet!

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