Vandalism to rural Leland cornfield

    A vandal drove into a rural Leland field late Friday containing two types of corn – one meant for a charity. The damage occurred across from the home of Brad Riskedal on North 43rd road. Now,  there's still plenty of both crops that Brad planted. The point is, Brad planted the sweet corn to help the Christmas 4 Kids Charity.  The field corn is his livelihood.  The damage - as small as it seems - does hurt the charity.

   Last year, Riskedal planted sweet corn to help the same charity and raised $8900. The charity is managed by La Salle County Deputy Felecia Rasmussen.  If you know who is responsible for the damage, let the sheriff's office know.

   Meanwhile, the sweet corn is ready to be picked during daylight hours.  You're asked to leave a financial donation - whatever the amount - in the box on the field's edge. Banners out on Route 34 will direct you to the location.

  (Still shot indicating some of the vandalism)

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