WLPO Special Report

Yesterday we introduced you to Emily, a 20-something former prostitute who worked in the industry for four years, and who helped authorities in the March and April prostitution sting that led to solicitation charges against nine area men.

Emily is from the area, so we’ve changed her name and her voice. Emily told us that prostitution is everywhere, just under our noses, and that there’s no “type” of prostitute of john.

Prostitution is connected to the drug trade, a fact that undercuts the argument that what a john does with a prostitute is his own business. In Tom’s interview with her, Emily said she’s never had a drug habit. But she did need money, and she says she started in a local club.

Later she went out on her own. And during her four years as a prostitute, Emily made anywhere from 800 to three thousand dollars a week, and, since she never had a pimp, she considered the money fast and easy. But she also put herself at risk, especially when she’d visit clients in their homes.  

Tom asked her how it had come to that.

Her lifestyle also took an emotional toll.

Emily estimates more than half of her customers were married.

Tomorrow, Valley of Shadows continues with more of Emily’s story, and why she stepped forward to help authorities.

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