Brian Towne

The battle between former La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne and current La Salle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly is still raging.

Towne has filed a lawsuit in federal court against Donnelly along with current or past staff members, current and retired Ottawa police officers and the city of Ottawa and La Salle County.  In citing a court case that was tossed last year, Towne says he’s not only seeking redress for the violations of his rights but also to “bring to light Karen Donnelly’s violation of the public trust and abuse of the powers of her office in retaliating against political opponents.” 

Towne argues Donnelly and others were part of a fraud investigation that violated his civil rights and “utterly destroyed” his reputation.  The suit charges Donnelly and other defendants with abusing their office and acting in a way that one would expect in a totalitarian government where political opponents are persecuted and executed. Towne is demanding a trial by jury and is seeking compensatory damages, attorneys’ fees and costs.

Other defendants listed include: current and former state's attorney assistants George Mueller, Matthew Kidder, Brian Vescogni and Jeremiah Adams; current or retired Ottawa police officers David Gualandri, Scott Cruz and Randy Baxter; the city of Ottawa and La Salle County.

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