Former La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne has filed a lawsuit infederal court against his predecessor and a list of current or past staffers, current or retired Ottawa police officers, the City of Ottawa, and the County of La Salle.

The suit follows up on a misconduct and misapplication-of-funds case against Towne that Donnelly brought last year. Her case was tossed last August on the grounds that Towne had been denied the speedy trial he’d requested. Towne says that, once she beat him at the ballot box, Donnelly led a bogus investigation that ended up in malicious prosecution, violation of his constitutional rights, and infliction of emotional distress.

Towne’s attorney, Sean Barnett, says Donnelly used her office to come after Towne once the election was over.

Barnett says what Towne himself said when he was set free last year – that Donnelly is using her office to settle old scores. Towne had prosecuted her son, for instance, and he declined to hire her when she graduated from law school.

In response, Donnelly is calling the lawsuit an election-season stunt, saying, “Dirty tricks are no surprise when it comes to Brian Towne.” She says Towne is a good friend of her Democratic opponent, Todd Martin, and that Towne should consider himself lucky that after he was voted out of office he escaped criminal liability "based on a technicality."

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