Two guests of the county in Ottawa were also arraigned in Bureau County on Monday.

Thirty-one-year-old Ashley Ellis and 29-year-old Omar Diab (DEE-ab), both of Spring Valley, appeared separately in a Princeton courtroom Monday to answer for charges of Unlawful Delivery of a Controlled Substance – Heroin.  That’s a Class 2 felony. They’re accused of delivering less than 15 grams of a substance containing heroin.  An Agent from the Trident Drug Task Force testified before the Grand Jury. Ellis needs 7 thousand dollars to bond out, and Diab needs 75 hundred.

Authorities had been investigating Diab and Ellis when the pair was busted together in the CVS parking lot in Peru in late June. They’d caught police attention by driving erratically on Shooting Park Road. Police pulled them over and found 3-point-5 grams of suspected heroin in the car, along with needles, a spoon and a scale. Since they were caught together, they’re co-defendants in LaSalle County with million-dollar bonds, each.

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