The case of a Peru man who allegedly shoved an older couple during a dispute is slinking its way through the system.

On Wednesday Judge Cynthia Raccuglia presided over a hearing checking up on the matter of Michael Stuart. The 44-year-old is charged with two counts of aggravated battery to victims over 60 years old, and aggravated battery in a public space. His arrest came about a year ago, after a video appeared days after the event took place. The tape shows a man shouting at an elderly man and eventually pushing him in the back on a Peru street.  While at times hard to see, it appears the man shoves an older woman as well.

A source says Peru Police interviewed the person who shot the video, and the videographer claims the start and finish of the video are missing. WLPO also has learned there had been previous issues concerning trespassing between the couple and the defendant. Stuart has been out of custody since early on, having posted bond soon after his arrest.

Stuart’s next hearing is scheduled for July 16 at 11 in Raccuglia’s courtroom.

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