state police

State Police recently went looking for LaSalle County night spots serving minors, and they found some.

Law enforcement conducted Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement surveillance on August 28 at two-dozen spots in LaSalle, Mendota, Oglesby, Peru and Tonica. Five area employees were arrested for Unlawful Delivery of Alcoholic Liquor to a Minor, a Class A misdemeanor. They are:

  • Diaz Grocery Store employee Blanca N. Medellin, 28, of Mendota;
  • Waterfalls Bar employee Jessica L. Robinson, 28, of Mendota;
  • Coal Mine 351 Bar employee Colleen M. Wall, 55, of Oglesby;
  • Aces & Eights Inc. employee Margaret L. Johnson, 25, of Oglesby;
  • and CVS Store Number 6554 employee Cory M. Helson, 43, of Peru.

They were released with a notice to appear in court. This project was funded by the IDOT’s Division of Traffic Safety.

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