Illinois Valley Animal Rescue

Being with Illinois Valley Animal Rescue for two decades, Chris Tomsha has seen it all.  But an animal hoarding call over the weekend had her in tears, describing the scene as deplorable. 

A concerned citizen called IVAR about a potential hoarding situation late last week at a farmhouse in rural Earlville.  Tomsha says she and her sister were horrified at what they saw.  They found about 50 small dogs and 10 cats, some kittens living among piles of feces and garbage.  IVAR took possession of the animals.  Another rescue group has since taken some of the dogs.

Tomsha says the woman who owns the home has cooperated and won’t be charged with anything.  She doesn’t actually live in the home. 

With IVAR taking on so many new animals at once, Tomsha says they could really use donations of pillow cases, sheets and towels.  Monetary donations are always very much welcome. 

You can find easy ways to help from home, by visiting IVAR's website.

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