Shadows Of The Blue And Gray

Photo Courtesy of Shadows of the Blue and Gray Website

The costs of carrying out a war are high.  Apparently so to are the costs of a war re-enactment in Princeton.

Randy Woodbury is one of the organizers of last months’ Shadows of the Blue and Gray re-enactment.  He says his group continues to work with Princeton’s park district to resolve issues with damage done at City County Park, the site of the October re-enactment.  Woodbury says his group didn’t intentionally damage the park and they do pay a private rental fee to use the park.  While that fee has been paid, Woodbury says he hasn’t received the final bill for damages to the park.

The Princeton Civil War Committee president says he wants to continue a good working relationship with the city and its park district and is working to resolve the issue in a professional manner. 

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