Cusick in Court

Ken Cusick awaits the start of his trial on Wednesday morning. The trial was delayed due to a few incidents of interference. Judge Cynthia Raccuglia dismissed and replaced one juror, and she warned the courtroom that she'd consider any outbursts  to be contempt of court.

    The judicial system played itself out Thursday in Kenneth Cusick's murder trial in Ottawa. The ex-fireman is charged with drowning his wife, Tracy in a toilet back in 2006. Cusick maintaines Tracy died of a drug overdose.

Our Tom Henson was there.  He reported the state offered two witnesses in the afternoon. Wilson Hayes, a injury biomechanics professor claimed that a fracture in the cartilage protecting Tracy's trachea could have been caused by significant pressure from behind her head. Cusick's defense team got Hayes to admit he only used data provided to him, that he is not a medical doctor and admit Tracy's first autopsy stated Tracy had potentially deadly levels of methadone in her system when she died.

   Julius Pallanco from an Indiana engineering firm, testified for the state that an adult cannot accidentally drown in a toilet. The trial broke for the day. 

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