Colvin Search Dogs

Search dogs on the scene of the investigation along La Salle Road in Peru. 

The search for the remains of a woman a serial killer claims he dumped in Peru has been suspended again for now.

Convicted killer Dellmus Colvin said on a recent podcast that he’d strangled a woman he picked up at the Flying J truck stop and dumped her body at the abandoned truck wash on La Salle Road. Authorities place the year of the potential crime at about 2005.

Police began searching the area a week ago and found some bone fragments. They gave the cadaver dogs a break to recover from the heat and sent the fragments for testing. Yesterday (Tuesday), La Salle County Coroner William Wujek announced that the fragments didn’t come from a human.

The dogs were back at the site, and traffic was blocked off again earlier today before the search was again suspended early this afternoon. A police source told WLPO that the search will probably resume later this fall when the weed cover of the search is not as thick.

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