A breaking international story has a local angle.

A U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon announced that three Chinese Nationals have been indicted on 62 counts of distribution of two powerful forms of fentanyl. They’re also facing charges of conspiracy to import and distribute controlled substances in the U.S.

A Putnam County man was one of five American customers who died from an overdose of the opioid. The TRI-DENT task force played a significant role in the investigation.

The indictment says that over a 12-month period in 2016 and 2017, the three managed websites in the People’s Republic of China, offering controlled substances for sale. Once the trio got paid, they forwarded the drug orders to a former deputy sheriff in Pennsylvania. He, in turn, would then ship them to the customers by U.S. Mail.

Other victims were from Georgia, Ohio and Tennessee.

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