LaSalle today is no closer to approving a recreational-cannabis dispensary. In fact, it's just as far from one now as it's ever been. 

The man who proposed to open one on First Street, Andrew Martinez, has not satisfied the Planning Commission or the City Council that he has a good plan in place for the business. Of course, it's worth pointing out that the state hasn't even granted a permit to Martinez; he just wants to be ready if he's picked as one of three dispensaries in the surrounding eight counties.

All well and good, but he's shown nothing to the city. No renderings, no financial plan, no business analysis. These are all standard things the City Council needs in approving businesses in the city. What frustrated the council last night was that Martinez showed up empty-handed in front of the Planning Commission three weeks ago, too, and was advised to have everything lined up for last night.

Alderman Tom Ptak joined several other aldermen in supporting the plan in concept, but regrettably rejecting the request due to lack of documentation.

Alderman Jerry Reynolds seemed surprised that Martinez hadn't come prepared, and he repeated to Martinez what was expected.

Mayor Jeff Grove said he wants a solid business take over the building Martinez is eyeing at 853 First Street, so he was disappointed that the petitioner showed up without proof that he can swing it.

Martinez may re-apply with the city, and he was encouraged to do it.


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