Peru City Hall

The Peru City Council was in and out of session in about 20 minutes Monday night. They covered some ground in that time, though. Adlermen approved a low bid of a bit more than $730,000 for the street fund program. The contract is going to Universal Asphalt and Excavating.

The council also approved a development agreement with John Pohar and Sons. The project is for a housing subdivision and it’s expected to cost the city more than $150,000. Mike Radtke said that, while that company is excellent at what it does, he doesn’t think the City of Peru should pay what he says amounts to a $150,000 subsidy for the project. Radtke said the city may see a 50-year payback, at best. The ordinance passed over Radtke’s and Aaron Buffo’s “no” votes.  

And, in a show of support for both local high schools, aldermen approved what amount to $500 contributions for the belated proms for both LP and Saint Bede. Since LP parents, and not the school, asked for the contribution, Peru is going to reimburse the LP parents’ committee up to $500 for the Cavalier celebration. St. Bede itself asked for support, so the council is cutting a check directly to the academy for the Bruins’ bash.  

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