Pic of Virus

Starved Rock Country is drawing some national attention as the coronavirus pandemic picks up in the area.

In a story updated online Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times listed the “Ottawa-Peru” metro area as the No. 9 location in the country where Covid-19 cases rose the fastest in the past week on a population-adjusted basis.

According to the paper’s data, new Covid-19 cases in the Ottawa-Peru Metro Area more than doubled from a week ago, at an adjusted rate of 452 new cases per 100 thousand people.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa topped the list with a change of 869 new cases per 100 thousand people.

A link to the NY Times article is attached to this story on our website.

See the NY Times Story (Section 3) at https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/23/upshot/five-ways-to-monitor-coronavirus-outbreak-us.html

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