Ottawa PADS

When the weather’s bad, we can be grateful for shelter and comfort. PADS makes it a mission to give the same to those less fortunate. And right now, the Ottawa shelter is asking for your help. Items include food and snacks thatcan be packed in lunches, 39-gallon garbage bags, bottled water and cleaning materials. You can drop off your supplies at Ottawa’s PADS shelter 24 hours a day during the week and from 4 to 9 on weekends.

You can also shop the PADS Amazon wish list, or ship directly to 1120 Canal Street in Ottawa.

The full list of items requested is:

Large coffee filters

Coffee creamer




Bottled water

Granola bars

Fruit snacks

Juice boxes


Kool Aid

Paper plates

Paper cups

39-gallon garbage bags

Disposable forks and spoons

Dish soap

Laundry detergent


Lysol wipes

Mini shampoos

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