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He wasn’t breaking a law, but what a Streator man was wearing, or really not wearing, got the attention of police.

A Conservation Police officer on Thursday saw what he thought was a naked man near the Vermilion River area of Matthiessen State Park.  When the officer approached, the man allegedly ran into some woods.  The man in question, 58-year-old Robert McIntyre of Streator, was allegedly just wearing a g-string.  He was apparently trying to slip back on some pants when the officer caught up with him.  McIntyre was ticketed for being in a restricted area. 

A few years ago he apparently was found in Matthiessen State Park wearing only underwear.  In that case he was near a kid’s birthday party at a shelter.  McIntyre has been told to stay away from the park for 90 days.  

He could be banned longer if conservation police get the okay from Springfield. 

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