Mr Charms

Utica firemen will search out lost humans at Starved Rock State Park. But, when it's a teddy bear,.....well, that's a bit more delicate. Marketing Director Kathy Casstevens said it all started when eight year old Gracie brought her cherished companion – Mr. Charms - on a walk through Starved Rock over the weekend. But, when it was time to go, it was only Gracie and her family that left. Mr. Charms was left behind …...somewhere in the park.

Well, a family member got word back to the Starved Rock Lodge staff. After several anxious hours, the teddy bear was retrieved from the Council Bluff Overhang by Activities Director Laura Guerrero. Mr. Charms survived his time in the elements and is headed back to Gracie. That's something that brightens everyone's day.

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