While not as common in the Illinois Valley as other drugs, methamphetamine is a problem.  That showed in a big way in La Salle.

Members of the Tri-DENT task force along with the La Salle Police Department Tuesday afternoon set up a drug bust on Civic Road in La Salle.  Officers say they were able to buy more than 20 grams of meth from 24-year-old Chelsea Hardin of Sparland and 37-year-old David Harris of Galesburg.  The pair allegedly had more meth with them than just the amount they sold.  They were arrested for unlawful delivery of meth with additional charges possible.

A third person caught up in the sting is 36-year-old Thomas Roberson of Knoxville.  He allegedly had with him a small amount of meth and several counterfeit $100 bills.  Roberson is so far charged with possession of meth with more charges pending.

          All three were locked up in the La Salle County Jail. 

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