Monday was an important day for the City of La Salle and Starved Rock Country. And not just because of the successful peaceful demonstration condemning the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.

It was a moment when demonstrators, police and members of the community expressed outrage without losing control. From step-off to the finish line, from a dramatic demonstration on the City Hall lawn to spectators jumping into the march all along the way, it was a hallmark event.

The event drew hundreds of marchers from a broad swath of demographics.

Sarah Berg was one of the march’s organizers. She told WLPO what it was all about.

Later, on the La Salle City Council’s conference-call meeting, Mayor Jeff Grove expressed his pride in his city and the marchers for pulling it off.

In the end, there were no truckloads of Chicagoans. No busloads of Iowans. Just a mix of hundreds of people marching from the Fire Station to the Police Station, and back.

Of course, in the run-up to Monday afternoon’s step-off, the area’s rumor mill went ballistic. Ashley Kostos was marching. She told WLPO the event was special for her, and that the rumors were just that.

Alderman Tom Ptak said the rumors scared people needlessly.

You can also find images and video on the WLPO Facebook page.

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