James "Cully" Cullinan

After a rowdy city council meeting Tuesday night in Oglesby, have cooler heads prevailed?

The man at the center of debate is Public Health and Safety Commissioner James “Cully” Cullinan.  He took to his Facebook account Thursday to thank folks who filled the council chambers Tuesday night to support him.  Cullinan says thanks to public support, “I will be keeping my full, legal powers as your Commissioner of Public Health and Safety.”  He goes on to say he looks forward to “turning a new leaf” with Oglesby Police Chief Jim Knoblauch. 

Angst between Knoblauch and Cullinan was in place before Cullinan won as a write-in candidate in April.  Cullinan has claimed there’s no communication between he and the chief and that other council members have tried to strip his power over the police department as a commissioner.

Oglesby Mayor Dominic Rivara has urged Cullinan and Knoblauch to communicate with each other.  

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