Depiction of how the new Howard Fellows' synthetic turf should look when complete

LaSalle-Peru High School’s so-called field of dreams is underway.

School Superintendent Dr. Steven Wrobleski took to Twitter to announce that the project has begun. Under the schedule the board approved, it should be complete by students’ return in the fall.

Replacing Howard Fellows’ Stadium grass with a state-of-the-art synthetic surface comes at a cost of about 900 thousand dollars. Last year, in a public meeting that included the vendors on the project, Wrobleski pointed out that opting for the artificial turf would prove to be the least-expensive of several options over the life of the new field. And, because rain won’t damage the turf the way it does grass and dirt, the football teams and the marching band will have the chance to practice on the new field as often as they wish, with no worries of damaging a high-maintenance grass surface.

The final gate in the approval process was Wrobleski’s goal of raising at least half the needed amount from the community. In March, he reported the school had raised more than that amount.

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