LS City Hall

LaSalle is a step closer to city ordinances covering food trucks.

The city council aims to take up a number of draft ordinances at its next meeting in two weeks. Last night, the Economic Development Committee floated ideas-in-progress that seemed to address the issues aired in the public-comment period two weeks ago. The full council debated several issues and voted on advisory language that will be worked in to the draft ordinances for the next meeting.

To summarize, it looks like the council is leaning away from allowing food trucks in the downtown and Eighth-Street business districts. But, they seem to be okay with food vendors at private events and block parties, provided the host has city permission to block off space on streets. Whereas some restrictions are being discussed – like limiting host businesses to a dozen truck visits a year, the council also is looking at allowing non-profit organizations to have food trucks on their property as often as they like, but, again, outside the main business districts. As an example, an organization like the VFW would be allowed unfettered access to trucks, but the Knights of Columbus would not, because of their locations. And the council will draft an ordinance that charges food trucks an annual license of six hundred dollars. Again, this is all being discussed now, and the full council will vote on language in two weeks.

On another note, the LaSalle City Council also passed an ordinance setting a three-percent tax on any future recreational-cannabis retailers.

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