LaSalle City Hall

Marijuana shops and food trucks might go together in concept, but it remains to be seen if they’ll be part of LaSalle.

The City Council Monday night took steps to address both issues.

WLPO has learned a number of people have contacted LaSalle City Hall against – and in favor of – the city’s strict control of food trucks. So the floor will be open to anyone who wants to speak – pro-truck or no-truck – on August 26 at 5:45 in the council chamber.

New Alderman Joe Jeppson seized a moment at the meeting, seeing a new source of revenue.

Jeppson says neighboring cities are deciding if brick-and-mortar weed shops should be part of their futures once the recreational-marijuana law takes effect in January. As a matter of fact, City Attorney James McPhedran has been studying the question and will continue to look at zoning, permits and such so that the full council can make an educated decision later this year.

Finally, Mayor Jeff Grove Monday night put out the word that building permits and redevelopment applications must be lined up before work is done. He says too much work is done first, without taking the right steps. City ordinances penalize this kind of thing, and LaSalle is going to start enforcing those more rigorously.

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