L-P High School

While the choice of remote learning will remain, decision makers at L-P High School are pushing for kids to come back to school.

The school board Wednesday night approved a plan to transition back to in-person learning.  The plan is to bring students and staff back into the classroom November 2nd as long as the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests stays under 8 percent for two weeks when you combine Peru, La Salle, Utica and Oglesby.  Even if that number spiked after in-person classes restart, Board President Tony Sparks said “once we get in, we need to stay in”.  He thinks students aren’t getting the education they need with remote learning, saying it’s not working.

L-P’s plan would mean all students would be taught five days a week.  Remote learners would be included with their in-person classmates by watching the same teacher on their laptop. 

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