Ken Cusick is pictured leaving the Ottawa courtroom with his mother after a jury found him not guilty in his wife's death. The two-week trial took place in December 2019, and the jury came back quickly with the verdict. 

La Salle County State's Attorney Karen Donnelly has been sued in federal court by Kenneth Cusick.

Cusick's also targeting Ottawa Police Captain Dave Gualandri, former LaSalle County Coroner Jody Bernard, and others who, he says, tried to frame him for causing the death of his wife.

Cusick’s lawsuit says that after his wife Tracy tragically passed away in 2006, Gualandri, Bernard and others refused to accept what the initial investigation revealed -- that her passing was a tragic accident that Ken Cusick was not responsible for. Cusick's lawyer on Thursday said the defendents were determined to charge Ken at any cost. She also said that, when Karen Donnelly became interested in political office, Donnelly saw this investigation as an opportunity to help her advance her political goals. The attorney said that, during Donnelly's campaign for State's Attorney four years ago, she pushed false information that Ken’s wife had been murdered, and that he should be charged.

In December, a La Salle County jury found Cusick not guilty in his wife's death, returning the verdict after deliberating for a short time.


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