A La Salle County deputy auditor has conceded she likely got overtime pay for time she didn’t work.  A jury now has to decide if Tori Artman of Mendota knowingly accepted the extra cash or didn’t know about alleged misuse of county funds until after an investigation was launched.

The 45-year-old testified she never made a deal with her boss Jody Wilkinson to get extra pay which could’ve been an effort to get two deputy auditor’s a raise that was turned down by the county board.  Artman says she did work extra after the tornado in February of 2017 and when her co-worker and co-defendant Pamela Wright of Ottawa left on medical leave.  She says she rarely looked at her paycheck stubs and never falsified a timecard before handing it over to her supervisor, the county auditor. 

The defense questioned how someone with an accounting degree wouldn’t realize her pay spiked thanks to added overtime pay.  They also wondered why she didn’t ask the payroll department to see hard copies of her pay stubs until after being interviewed by Ottawa Police.  Artman says before that she just was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Lawyers are set to deliver closing arguments Wednesday morning before jury deliberations begin.  Artman is charged with felony theft and official misconduct.  She’s out of custody after posting bond. 

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