La Salle Veterans Home  (photo courtesy of Scott Anderson - Shaw Media)

The Illinois Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee will continue investigation into the COVID-19 problem in the La Salle Veterans Home. The outbreak has spread through the facility and caused the deaths of several residents. The Home was found to be using an ineffective hand sanitizer, according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs report issued a short time before the Committee's Tuesday virtual hearings.

The report cited ventilation concerns and improper PPE safety from the staff. During the virtual hearing Tuesday with Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs Director, Linda Chapa LaVia, the question of a staff Halloween party came up. It posed the possibility of one way the COVID-19 entered the home. Chapa LaVia was not ready to condemn saying that there was no evidence that the workers who attended the party became infected and thus, introduced the virus into the home. She added that we will go back and look at it again.

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