Utica Four Corners Interchange

If you’re against a roundabout in Utica, what’s the main reason why? 

If it’s whether or not semis or other big vehicles can fit through, it’s not a worry according to Illinois Department of Transportation Engineer Dave Alexander.  He says the one-lane roundabout will include what’s called a truck apron on the inside of the lane to give more room for wide loads. Alexander claims the proposed roundabout will be able to fit the biggest trucks on the interstate.  

He says the truck apron will be a different color and design than the actual lane of traffic and feature a curb slightly higher than the roadway.  He says there won’t be enough room for two vehicles even with the extra truck curbing.

Alexander says the other option they have looked at is adding turn lanes to the current intersection but that isn’t as safe as a roundabout and doesn’t address traffic backing up because of having to wait for lights to turn.

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