Lostant FD

   It's one of those days for Lostant EMS. They were dispatched to two accidents in two minutes time Saturday afternoon. The first was at 2:22 for a single vehicle that went airborn off Northbound I-39 and came to rest in the median. It occurred near marker 43.

    At 2:24pm, Lostant was dispatched to roughly three miles south of the first accident. Somewhere on Northbound I-39, between markers 40 and 41, a vehicle, according to the scanner, went off the bridge. Both accidents had unknown injuries.

   There was yet another accident just before 1pm between Magnolia and Henry. (Close to the site as last weekend's accident). The News Tribune said it was near Routes 18 and 26 and there were believed to be several injuries. You'll hear more as it is made available to WLPO.

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