Peru City Hall

Peruvians have lit up City Hall's phone lines about curb and minor sidewalk repairs, and Alderman Dave Waldorf took up the issue at Monday night's city council meeting.

Waldorf suggested allowing aldermen funds to immediately work to repair those curbs in their wards that may not be part of a bigger plan for repairs in the near future. Waldorf said he wants to reach back to get overdue repairs done this year and have a larger plan in place for next year's warm weather. It's believed this would be a cost-effective approach, since a slate of curb repairs could be combined into a single-project bid. Mayor Scott Harl liked the idea of giving aldermen the freedom to start working this issue immediately.


Clerk Dave Bartley said his office has been getting a number of calls about high utility bills. He says several factors are influencing what people are seeing in their invoices. A key is the weather, and an extremely hot summer through July. He said some Peruvians are upset that the bills go up even though they set their thermostats at a fixed temp. Bartley points out that, of course, even if cooling units are set to a relatively high temperature, they have to work harder when it gets hotter to maintain that temperature. He said Peru's rates are very competitive with communities statewide.


The council approved a request by the Right Spice restaurant to install a temporary safety closure of a small segment of Pike Street from Fourth Street to the restaurant's back lot. The owners are planning to serve outdoors only for now, at their property across Pike Street, and they want to ensure their customers and staff are as safe as possible in crossing the street between properties.


The council also approved a request from the Perfectly Flawed Foundation to post inspirational yard signs on the Peru side of Baker Lake and near the downtown Maud Powell statue. The signs will mark National Recovery Month, and they'll be in place from late August through mid-September.

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