La Salle Veterans Home  (photo by Scott Anderson - Shaw Media)

Letters from the administrator of the La Salle Veterans home show the problem of cornavirus inside the facility. On Saturday, Angela Mehlbrech said 27 residents, who had tested positive with coronavirus, had now passed away. On November 12, the number of positive testing residents who had died was 10. Back then, eighty two residents and 89 employees tested positive. This Saturday's update indicated 103 residents and 94 employees have tested positive. The current outbreak began around November 1. 

The letter added that “compassionate care visits” continue allowing for 1 person at a time. The visitor arrives in the vestibule, buzzes security and completes a visitor monitoring form. Security will take their temperature and a nurse assistant will help in putting on PPE. They are then escorted to their loved one. The visitor is not allowed elsewhere in the building.

State Senator Sue Rezin is pushing for an investigation into the latest virus outbreak at the home. 

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