BC Courthouse

A man just passing through Starved Rock Country on an Amtrak train Monday is going to call the Bureau County Jail home, until he’s found guilty or not guilty of charges of aggravated battery and disorderly conduct.

Thirty-year-old Charles Davison of Grand Junction, Colorado, was on a cross-country train trip from D.C. to his home state when he allegedly scuffled with an assistant conductor. Davison said he’d been suffering from a painful dental problem and was on a strong antibiotic. Assistant State’s Attorney Donna Engels told Judge CJ Hollerich that, after Davison visited the train’s club car, he craved a cigarette at the next stop on the trip, which happened to be Princeton. When the conductor told him Princeton wasn’t a smoking stop, Davison allegedly punched him in the face.

Though very apologetic and even sheepish in court, the defendant has an impressive criminal record. Engels said Davison has 18 aliases across numerous states. He’s wanted in Colorado, and he’s been run in for everything from a  felony in Alaska to a DUI in Texas, to robbery and felonious damage in Colorado, to a handful of cases of criminal mischief. He needs a thousand dollars to bond out, and his next hearing is in January. He’s also going to get help for that toothache.

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