County Board

Revenue was on the minds of LaSalle County Board members Monday, and the cash-strapped county sees some relief in the form of future marijuana sales. The board unanimously voted to put a cannabis sales tax in place, in the event the board decides next month to allow weed sales in unincorporated areas of the county once pot is legal in January. Not all board members want sales to happen outside of municipalities. If sales do happen outside city limits, then sellers may be subject to licensing fees similar to liquor-license costs.

Before the roll even was called, Board Chairman Jim Olson announced an emergency expense requiring the county to go around the normal bidding process. A generator in a radiator at the LaSalle County Jail has failed, and, since a backup costs about two-thousand dollars a week, he says it’s crucial to get it repaired fast. Bids have come in between about 60 and 70 thousand dollars. The board will award the job after Friday morning’s 9:00 meeting of the Property Committee.

As the media packed up after the final gavel, long-serving Republican board member Randy Freeman of Lostant low-key sidled up and said he’s running for re-election. Freeman noted that the county is facing some tough issues, and he wants to be there to help get the work done.

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