2019 St Jude Peoria Run

A hallmark charitable event every year is the run from La Salle-Peru and Mendota to Peoria – one of 37 satellite runs for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. The Memphis-based center is committed to helping sick children, especially those with cancer or leukemia. No child is turned away and no parent sees a bill. That means the institution depends on fund-raising.

One of the hospital’s 37 auxiliary runs each year is from La Salle-Peru and Mendota to Peoria, where a St. Jude satellite center is. This year’s run is July 18, and if you thought the pandemic would stop the 35-year annual run, well, you don’t know the runners for the cause. One of them is Tammy Humpage, a Vice President at Hometown National Bank in La Salle.

Tammy’s most vivid memory is from her very first run several years ago. As she entered Peoria, she saw an older man cheering on the runners. His ears were missing. And his skin was severely scarred from burning that came from early attempts at radiation therapy when he’d been young.

Every runner has to kick in at least a thousand dollars. You can help them online. Just select the local area, and give to your favorite runner. Or look for them running in a group in their yellow T-shirts and give directly to them.

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