Travis Breeden

A new dust-up this week in the battle to represent Starved Rock Country in the Illinois House of Representatives.

A new mailer hit mailboxes this week. It's signed by Democratic incumbent State Representative Lance Yednock. According to the Yednock mailer, Republican challenger Travis Breeden has said he – Breeden – would vote to strip more than 24 million dollars in funding from police. Yednock states among other things that Breeden has pledged to stop police from combating gangs; that Breeden opposes police investigating sex crimes; and that Breeden's promised to shut down the state police crime lab, allowing rapists to walk free.

Breeden responded to the Yednock attack piece by saying the Democrat is lying. Breeden says one of his priorities will be to ensure Illinois' police departments are funded, and that he'll oppose any efforts to intentionally reduce police funding. Breeden also defends himself by saying he's spoken at three different “Back the Blue” events, and that Yednock did not attend those events to support police. Finally, Breeden says Democratic Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has pumped almost a million dollars in to Yednock's re-election campaign.

WLPO has asked Yednock's staff if the Democrat stands by the mailer, and we're told he'll respond to us next week.


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