Illinois Cement President Wayne Emmer

After several hours of debate covering multiple days, the La Salle City Council has unanimously approved Illinois Cement Company’s plans to mine more land in Dimmick Township.

Saying it was the hardest vote he’s had in more than nine years as an alderman, John “Doc” Lavieri joined other council members in saying yes to rezoning, special use, road vacation and annexation requests by Illinois Cement.  Alderman Diz Demes says he doesn’t want La Salle to end up like Oglesby which he called a “ghost town” in referencing the impact of that town’s cement plant closing. 

Illinois Cement President Wayne Emmer was pleased with the decision but admitted his company has work to do to become better neighbors to folks living around their mines.  His company agreed to offer well agreements to folks living around the mine.  They also offered contact sheets for folks who have concerns about his company’s operations on impact on property. 

Illinois Cement is looking to mine between Route 251 and East 3rd Road, covering more than 300 acres.  To mine, they will build a temporary road west of East 3rd Road.  East 3rd Road which is an extension of Chartres Street in La Salle will eventually be rebuilt. 

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