Princeton Mayor Joel Quiram

With marijuana’s legalization coming in the new year, cities and towns across the state are wrestling with how – or even if – they want to embrace it.

The law allows municipalities to decide to what degree they want to license dispensaries, in number and location.

Mayor Joel Quiram has taken to social media to reach out to Princetonians for their input on the issue. The city council will meet Monday night and this topic will be on the agenda. Quiram says that, while the city council will be discussing its views going forward, he wants community sentiment to drive what will be accepted or rejected.

Quiram points out that, if Princeton can allow as many or as few licenses as it sees fit. And, the city can limit the sales locations through zoning ordinance. Or, he says, Princeton can say no to weed altogether.

As the calendar turns to fall soon, communities across the listening area are working hard to be ready for the January first legalization date. Just this week, as reported here on WLPO, the LaSalle City Council took up the topic, and indicated it’s already hard at work looking at the same issues.

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