Sam Dekker Tweet

The death of 12-year-old Karl Solimon of Mendota has touched many lives, including at least one player in the NBA.

Sam Dekker of the Cleveland Cavaliers tweeted yesterday a photo of Solimon wearing a Cavs jersey.  He tagged the Cavs and the NBA with a message of “help me in sending prayers and love to the Solimon family and the Holy Cross community after this tragic loss.  Karl, 7th grader and NBA fan, died while playing the sport he loved in his tournament this weekend.  Our hearts go out to his family at this time.”  The Cleveland Cavaliers re-tweeted Dekker’s message and added their own message featuring a heart and the words “sending love to the Soliman family.”

Karl’s mom mentioned after his death that he loved attending NBA games and hopes that a professional player come visit the family to give them hope and reassurance. 

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