A curious thing is happening in the Village of Ladd.

Hundreds of people have signed petitions asking to return music to Main Street.

The city spontaneously began playing Christmas music over loudspeakers in the downtown area during the holiday season. The music continued into the spring and summer, with soundtracks appropriate for the seasons – mostly standards, and, recently, summer music. But, when a handful of residents complained about the noise, the music stopped.

Village Clerk Diane Chandler told WLPO’s Tom Henson about her reaction to the public’s new demand to reinstate a program that had just started as a lark.

Chandler points out, though, that the complainers don’t object to the traditional “Taps” music on the eleventh of the month, or music during festivals and other special occasions.

On Monday morning, Ladd’s Casey’s General Store had petitions with almost 140 signatures asking for a return of the Music on Main.

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