LaSalle County State's Attorney Karen Donnelly

A jury in Ottawa says former deputy auditor Tori Artman is not guilty on all charges of theft, conspiracy and official misconduct. Jurors reached their verdict around 4:30 Wednesday, just hours after they’d gotten the case.

Artman had been accused of accepting overtime pay for time she didn’t work.  Two months ago, Artman’s former boss, county auditor Jody Wilkinson, had been found not guilty on all charges from the same alleged incident. Wilkinson had elected to have a bench trial.  

Summarizing the state’s case, prosecutor George Mueller said Artman didn’t need to be the person to initiate the overtime pay scheme to be guilty.

In his closing, defense attorney Todd Martin said the prosecution’s case against his client was a mess.

Following the verdict, LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donelly shook Martin's hand, and promptly offered a “No Comment” as she left the courtroom. She and her team have one chance left to salvage something out of this as deputy county auditor Pamela Wright moves forward with her proceedings in the coming weeks.


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