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A few tweets Monday night from the University of Missouri-Columbia Police Department during a Mizzou basketball game drew criticism before they were deleted.

The Tigers were dominating the Wagner College Seahawks Monday night when the Mizzou police tweeted: "Okay but can we talk about how @MizzouHoops is so good it's criminal? About to be a homicide at Mizzou Arena. #MIZ"

The tweet didn't go over well with students, alumni and fans, so the department tweeted again, noting this "is not a real homicide."

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The tweet was later deleted.

Mizzou spokesman Christian Basi said a new officer recently received permission to help run the social media account.

"Last night he posted a tweet that was immediately recognized as inappropriate," Basi told the Post-Dispatch Tuesday. "It was a mistake and was taken down as quickly as possible, and the officer and others will be going through training related to social media interaction in the near future."

Among the people to call out the tweet was alumnus and Washington Post sports reporter Jacob Bogage, who was then blocked by the Mizzou police department Twitter account. 

After a thread of tweets in which Bogage described the initial tweets as "insensitive, crass and rude," and questioned the police department's decision to block him, the department reversed course.

An officer apologized to Bogage, chalking it all up to "poor judgment."

Aside from Monday's Twitter kerfuffle, the department's efforts to connect with the campus community through social media had "been making strides," Basi said.

Goofy tweets about Halloween, urinating in public on game day and mocking the cold weather have drawn dozens of retweets and likes during the last few weeks.

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